ESD Dual Operator Wrist Strap Monitor


  • Affordability & Reasonability priced
  • Ensure wrist strap in good working condition
  • Light Weight
  • Reliable & Effective
  • User Friendly

This economical continuous wrist strap monitor ensures that your wrist strap is in good working condition.

 Power Supply  230V to 6V or 110V to 6V 
 Weight 25g
 Dimension 60mm * 55mm * 25mm

Installation and Operational Procedures

  1. Mount the Continuous Monitor to the position that you require with the help of the two screws provided.
  2. Plug the 240 volts AC to the supply and the 6 volts DC plug to the continuous monitor as shown on the volts DC marked on the monitor.
  3. Connect the grounding wire to the monitor and main ground.
  4. Insert the banana jack of the wrist strap to the monitor as shown on the wrist strap mark on the monitor.
  5. Turn on the main supply and also the monitor ON/OFF switch to ON position.
  6. When the wrist strap is in good working condition and ground is connected properly the GREEN LED should light up indicating Pass. If the ground is not connected properly or the wrist strap is faulty, the RED LED will light up indicating Fail. An alarm will be arm with a Buzzle.
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