ESD Safety Shoes White

Brand : ESD Safety Shoes (White)

Model : APP-F004-W

Sizes : EU 35 - 50 

Material : PU, Steel(for toe cap)





Contact us at esd@esdmanufacturing.com for inquiries and specifications. 

  1. Material : PU
  2. ESD reading : 10⁷ TO 10⁸
  3. Testing requirement for steel cap - Reference to the national chemical industry standard "HG3081-1999 plastic surface anti-smashing 1 static test with boots" test "requirements of the product in the static pressure, 20 test to 20000N, rushed to 172t 700N / 20cm

    Test perform - Static pressure test 20110N impact 720N-750N

  4. See attached with safety report
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