ESD Wrist Strap and Heel Strap(Footwear) Combination Tester

ESD Wrist Strap and ESD Footwear being the front line defense against electrostatic build-up on the human body, must remain electrically perceptive for the user. Thus, it is very important to test every wrist strap and heel strap regularly. This combination Tester does the job efficiently without the hassle of juggling several gadgets.

To protect sensitive electronic components, the maximum wrist strap resistance should not be more than 10meg ohms and footwear resistance should not exceed 35meg ohms. However , a minimum resistance of 800K ohms is required as protections to wearer from dangerous level of current flow the wrist strap system.

The Combination Tester checks these parameters under actual operating conditions with the strap on the wrist and the heel strap on the foot. It clearly indicates whether or not the resistance of the wrist strap / heel strap system including the wearer is at least 800kilo ohms and not exceeding 10meg ohms/ 35 meg ohms respectively.


  • Affordability & Reasonability priced
  • Ensure wrist strap in good working condition
  • Light weight
  • Reliable & effective
  • User friendly


 Wrist Strap 0.8 meg ohms to 10.0 meg ohms
 Heel Strap(footwear)  0.8 meg ohms to 35.0 meg ohms
 Range Selection

 SPDT Switch
 10 meg ohms – Wrist Strap
 35 meg ohms – Heel Strap


 FAIL (Low)
 FAIL (High)
 Audible alarm for Fail mode

 Actuation By gently pressing metal sensor plate
 Accuracy + /- 10%
 Power 9 V Dc Battery
 Power Indication Orange- Warning less than 7 Volts
 Dimensions 125 * 75 * 29mm
 Weight Approx.150gms (Without Battery)
 Calibration Recommended every 12 months
 Warranty 12 months against manufacturing defects 

Power the instrument for use by opening the back cover to install a 9 volt battery.

Connect the wrist strap cord onto the instrument with the strap on the wrist. Switch the indicator to “wrist  strap” and press gently on the metal sensor. The  instrument will turn on automatically when this is done and the operator can check whether the resistance of the heel strap falls within the acceptable range of between 800kilo ohms to 35 meg ohms. The GREEN LED will light up indicating a PASS.

This is instrument is maintenance free and easy to mange. There are no service – able parts inside, only routine battery replacement as and when indication by low power indication.

To clean the instrument, use a damp cloth. Do not use any solvent based cleaning agent as it may damage the plastic case.

In case of malfunction or calibration please refer to any servicing center authorized by the manufacturer.

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