Surface Resistivity Meter (5LB)

P/N : S5LRM-88


The ESD LCD SURFACE RESISTIVITY METER provides everything necessary to test work surfaces using the procedure outlined in the EOS/ESD-S4.1 standard. This test kit makes testing surface resistance easy – simply place the weights attach the cables, switch to the correct voltage and press the button to read resistance directly on the meter.  The meter incorporates parallel probes on the bottom of the unit which allows the user to make surface resistivity measurements. The parallel probes allow for quick and easy testing of a variety of surfaces and materials, without the use of the five pound electrodes




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 Has everything necessary for testing to EOS/ESD-S4.1  Complete kit
 10 and 100 volts Dual

 Portable, rechargeable
 Ideal for field technicians

 Battery operated 
 Easy to read LCD display
 No interpretation needed LCD reading


 Range 10 to the power of 3 - 10 to the power of 12 Ohms 
 Power Supply  Battery
 Size 5”L * 23/4”W * 1”H
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