About usESD Manufacturing & Supply (Pte) Ltd is an employee-owned company set up since 1997. An innovative company, it specializes in electrostatic discharge products. The company started off with a small group of staff of 3 but now it has expanded to 25 employees.We moved to our current new office with an approximate area of 3000sq.ft. to facilitate the rapid expanding business activities.

To serve our customers better and to achieve maximum customers’ satisfaction, a product research team was set up to ensure that the qualities of our products are of high standard.

ESD Manufacturing & Supply (Pte) Ltd started off with the manufacture of wrist straps and stainless steel tweezers. Today, with the creativity of our research team, we have developed a more complete range of electrostatic discharge products.

Our willingness to customize has resulted in our expertise in the Electronics, Disk Drive and Semiconductor industries. Our very experienced personnel in these sectors are constantly in close contact with our customers to find out their special needs. We are more than happy to tailor out products to meet our customers’ specific requirements, which are often not available in standard catalogues.

Through research, evaluation, discussion and feedback from customers, we created the following ESD products:

  • ESD Spiral Coil (ESD Wire Wrap)
  • ESD Tubing (For Air)
  • ESD Sleeving (For Wire)
  • ESD Cable Zip (Cable Tie)
  • ESD Cable Zip Holder
  • ESD Pouch (For Personnel Badge and Card)
  • ESD Document Holder (For Process Chart A3, A4 & A5 size)
  • Ring File (In 2 or 3 Ring in 1,2,3 Inch File size)
  • ESD Wrist Strap (Good Quality, Low Price for Personnel Grounding, OEM, etc)
  • ESD Soft-Tip Tweezer (For Delicate Component Handling)

We are proud to announce that till today; we are the ONLY Company in the world producing ESD Spiral Coils (ESD Wire Wrap)

ESD Manufacturing & Supply (Pte) Ltd supplies mainly to distributors and OEM customers. Our Products are widely used by wafer industries, disc drive industries, electronic and aerospace industries.

In terms of reliability and quality assurance, all our products have been globally accepted. Beside Singapore, we also supply to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Europe, Philippines, Indonesia, China and USA.

Though, ESD Manufacturing & Supply (Pte) Ltd is a young company, it has proven itself to be a reliable and fast growing company. The company’s motto is to ensure that our services and products will meet our customers’ requirements with fullest satisfaction.

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