ESD Personal Lonizer

The PR588 Personal Ionizer is compact and lightweight. This is an auto-balance Ionizer and the emitter pin can be clean and replace easily. It has a maximizing neutralization efficiency and overall performance

 Model PR588
 Input Voltage AC 220V / 50Hz ; 110V / 60Hz
 Working Voltage DC 12V
 Power Consumption 12W
 Air Volume 20 – 100CFM
 Working Temperature 0 Degree C – 50 Degree C
 Working Humidity 40% RH – 70% RH
 Offset Voltage 0+- 3V
 Discharge Time <=1.2s (300mm)
 Noise <=41dB
 Size 180mm * 65mm * 195mm
 Weight 1.0Kg


 Testing Contents Air Speed Center Test
 Offset Voltage Discharge Time
 Testing Result 100CFM 300mm 0 +- 3V <=1.2s
 100CFM 600mm 0 +- 3V <=2.0s

- Small and light

- High precision ion balance

- Eliminate static rapidly

- Discharge needle used longer and easily to change

- Normally with exceptionally function through LED, and also alarming as exceptionally

- Adopting the rectification, the filter and time of pressure, so that the voltage undulates slightly, the performance is reliable 

The PR588 had an on/off switch and variable fan speed. Higher the fan speed and have maximum airflow direct to the items or area to be neutralized.

All Ionizer need a maintenance for Optimum performance (Reference IEC 61340-5-2:1 paragraph 5.2.9 )

The frequency of monitoring Ionizers really depends on how and where there are used. Since the majority of them use a fan to transport the ions to the working area, the cleanliness of the air directly affects their performance average time and how often the emitters should be cleaned.

It  is recommend to check Ionizer every 6 months, but this may no be suitable for many programs particularly an out of order may exist for months before it is check again. The Desco or 3M charge plate can be use to check the result.

The personal Ionizer has a one year warranty from the date of purchase.


Warranty will be void on the miss handling and wrong power supply use.

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