• Affordability & Reasonability priced
  • Light Weight
  • Optional Voltage : 230V to 9V or 110V to 9V
  • Reliable & Effective
  • User Friendly
  • Reliable Push-on button

Our Wrist Strap Tester has been specially designed for testing the reliability of a wrist strap. The instrument has been professionally tested and calibrated using the resistance calibrator unit traceable to the National institute of Standard and Technology (NIST). This equipment is rated to operate satisfactorily within the performance specification guidelines between 750Kilohm to 10 Megohm.

 Power Supply  9 volts PP3 Alkaline Battery 
 Fail Below 750 kilohm
 Pass 750 kilohm to 1 Megohm
 Weight 100g
 Dimension 90mm * 70mm * 28mm

Operating Instruction

  1. While wearing the wrist strap, plug the banana plug end of the cord into jack.
  2. Lightly press the metal touch button marked “PUSH ON” so that the unit activities
  3. Lighting of the green “ OK ” LED indicates that the wrist strap and ground cord assemblies are functioning properly.
  4. If either Red “ FAIL-LO ” or Yellow “ FAIL-HI ” LED’s light and the audible indicator sound, the wrist strap wearer should check the wrist strap assembly immediately.
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